Pilpride Feeds is proudly the pioneer in the Philippine equine feeds industry. Through years of serving the local horse industry since 1990, we have developed our product line of equine rations. Our flagship and top-seller brand Pilpride Racing Special Power Packed™ has been fed to numerous horses winning stakes races and even the prestigious Philippine triple-crown events. Our other brands Mare & Stud™, Novato™, Foal Creep™, and Ranger™ feeds are equally regarded as the best locally manufactured equine ration for more than two decades.

Our History

Back in the mid 1990’s race horses were either 

fed by imported equine rations or feeds that were manually mixed using hand shovels in the streets around the old Sa

nta Ana Race track in Manila. The young businessman, animal nutritionist, and horse racing enthusiast Rodrigo D. Catindig had the vision back then to take the guesswork out of horse feeding by providing horse owners as well as trainers with a complete horse ration that is already balanced out from the sack. No need for experiments or trials to which will work best for a race horse.

His keen knowledge in animal nutrition and eventually to equine nutrition has led him to formulate horse specific rations that can suite Philippine conditions. He manufactured his first few bags of horse feeds in a family owned feed mill that manufactures pig feeds for the family owned pig farm in the Province of Bulacan. He delivered the feeds himself to the first few clients and was able to personally address all concerns that arose in the early years of Pilpride

Our Mission

To provide a horse specific completely balanced ration that is suited to Philippine climatic and economic conditions.

Our Vision

To be the Filipino owned company to be globally competitive in the manufacturing of equine rations.