Helpful Feeding Guide

By: Dr. Rodrigo D. Catindig

Our company has provided you the best line-up of Horse Feeds available in the Philippines. Listed below are some things that will assist you in maximizing the potential of your valued horses when using PILPRIDE FEEDS.

1. Feed your horses little but often ideally four feeding sessions per day with the largest amount during the night.
2. Judge quantity fed according to size, temperament, and work required.
3. Remember to feed by weight and not in volume.
4. Properly select the appropriate PILPRIDE FEEDS variant suited to the age, physical condition, and workload of your valued horse.
5. Do not alter our scientifically balanced ration by mixing other horse rations, vitamins, or mineral supplements unless directed by a veterinarian or an equine nutritionist.
6. Feed well-seasoned roughage to maintain a healthy digestive tract.
7. Make sure to have fresh water available at all times.
8. Never put a horse into strenuous work until one hour after feeding.
9. Do not feed an exhausted horse. This will have negative effects on its digestive efficiency.
10. Open each PILPRIDE FEEDS bag only as it is required.
11. Remove left over feeds from previous feeding. Try to know the reason why it was not consumed completely.
12. Do check your horse’s teeth regularly for sharp edges.
13. Regular deworming is necessary. Varying brands will avoid worm resistance.
14. Remember to feed your horses at the same time each day.
15. In calculating nutritional input, take into consideration the quality and quantity of hay, pasture, as well as concentrate values.
16. Always introduce any change in diet gradually especially if putting a stabled horse out to grass or bringing a grass-fed horse back to work.
17. Always keep feed mangers and water bowls / buckets clean.
18. Feed every horse as an individual, observing any variation from each animal’s feeding pattern.
19. Try to feed something “fresh” each day to a stabled horse like freshly pulled grass or even sliced carrots.