The NOVATO™ equine ration is formulated to provide the growing horse the maximum nourishment needed during the period of rapid growth from 10 to 24 months. It provides excellent source of minerals for proper bone development and sufficient amount of protein for muscular development. Proper feeding of this ration in the early stages of young racehorse’s life develops physical strength, stamina, and soundness.


Crude Protein %16.0
Crude Fat %6.5
Crude Fiber %7.0
Moisture %12.0
Calcium %1.0


Helpful Feeding Guide:

Introduce in a gradual changeover from FOAL CREEP™ Ration at 10 to 11 months. Feed 4 to 6 kgs per day depending on the size and development of the animal and the work required if any. Intake will also depend on pasture quality if the yearling is at grass. Good quality forage and water should also be available.

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