Foal Creep™

The FOAL CREEP™ is a unique compound equine ration for foals that encourages sound growth and maximum bone development which will stand to the adult horse in its later career. It is highly palatable, fully balanced ration fortified with multivitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids.


Crude Protein18.00%
Crude Fat6.50%
Crude Fiber6.50%




Helpful Feeding Guide:

Introduce by hand feeding at 2 weeks onwards. Feed approximately 0.5 kg per day at 1 month old and increase by 0.5 kg per month of age.

The weaned foal can be gradually changed from FOAL CREEP™ Ration to NOVATO™ Ration at 9 to 10 months.

Intake will vary according to size and maturity of the animal as well as time of year and pasture quality. 3 to 6 kg per day may be used as a guideline. Good quality forage and water should also be available.

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